BIRÉLIN is one of the leading French brands of business clothing for women. For more than 30 years, it has been assisting dynamic business women to remain stylish and authentic, without compromising the standards of the dress codes. With BIRÉLIN clothing, a woman has the opportunity to highlight her elegance and femininity, while remaining a successful professional.


1930 is considered to be the year of birth for the BIRÉLIN, when Halil Birel started his profession as a tailor for women’s clothing in Turkey. His son Serafettin has carried the torch and expanded his family business.


When Birel family moved to France in 1975 to improve their tailoring skills, the era of production started for French and later for European high fashion women’s clothing brands.


In 1996, Gunay Birel, the third generation, returned to Turkey to build production and design capacity for the leading European brands of women’s clothing. Its main task was to provide quality innovative products on the basis of high design, broad assortment and rich collection.

günay bey

Since then, BIRÉLIN has been the French chic and elegance of a successful business woman. When asked: “What does BIRÉLIN deliver for you?”, the clients most often answer: “Feeling of success, statute and attractiveness”.

BIRÉLIN strives to combine high fashion trends with practicality and business style functionality. The designer Gianni Stracquadanio, renowned for his masterpieces for the brand BESSINI, has created a new image of the brand BIRÉLIN: BIRELIN woman – is self-confident, strong and feminine. She is active and successful. She prefers comfortable as well as classy and elegant clothes concurrently. She combines and blends different images and roles. While complying with the dress code, she always remains attractive.