Playful Luxury Bohemian

In this series, the Birélin woman pursues a naive but bohemian attitude; attracting attention with details in her distinctive simplicity. In this series, the unique details of straight cuts and especially the layers of different fabrics are at the forefront. Light organza, viscose and chi on fabrics are in different colors and shades, but they combine with layers to form detailed silhouettes. Patched lace surfaces, feather cropping and transparency of intertwined movements are remarkable. While the transparent layers are formed, no fabric steals a role from the other and they blend together in a unique harmony. The rise of tile tones amongst the salmon, green, gray color scale is sometimes emphasized with laces and Swarovski stones. Pipings, embroideries emphasize that simplifcation requires mastery.

Experiencing the transition of emotions to achieve simplicity, it is once again the Birélin woman; the interpreter of di erent multilayered emotions. While acting cool without sacri cing transparency, she’s also extremely insightful towards the transition of emotions. To get to know her better, you need to go closer, talk to her more and realize her uniqueness. She’s on a playful way with soft colors, blending skills and unique attitude. But this is the right way for her… Very luxurious and bohemian.