Masculine Feminine of the Metropolis

While emphasizing masculinity with wild emotions of the nature, sharp jacket cuts are a blend of masculine and feminine feelings with lace details, tulle softness, sequin glitter and pleats. The remarkable rise of green takes you to the nature and then into an internal journey. Landscape patterns are a breeze of meditative serenity. The embroidery and sequins used rmly in plain cuts are sometimes transformed into three-dimensional accessories.

The city with its tra c and chaos carries masculine balances when looked at from a metropolitan’s life. Reminiscent of the wild with its struggle, it requires an e ort to live in. But when you’re wrapped up in the sea, the green and the peace, it’s the feminine energies that guide us. Birélin woman in this series is presented as a re ection of the city… She makes you feel and live the balance of the city and its character with her posture that combines the contrasts. Birélin, who succeeds in business life with strong posture, clear decisions and sharp intelligence attracts attention and bedazzles with her feminine energy underneath this distinctive character.

With her masculine feminine series which re ects the complete businesswoman of a pure look, with her materials and understated elegance, Birélin woman becomes the pioneer of a style that transcends time and space. This series, which contains important elements from the trends, also holds a clarity and simplicity that can be worn for years. It’s the Birélin woman that determines the place; whatever city, country or activity she’s after, that’s the place.