In the fashion and trend scenarios dictated by spring and summer, Birélin woman prefers to take a role with her emotions. Connecting past and the present with her strong, determined and clear attitude, she is admired for her sometimes romantic and sometimes bohemian character.

But is it the Birélin woman following the trends or is it the other way around? This might be a matter of debate. Because Birélin woman acts on her emotions. Because she carries all the elements exaggerated by the trends with the most delicious and appropriate taste.

We invite you to get acquainted with Birélin woman in spring/summer to examine her emotions, postures and intertwining styles in four di erent series.

So, shall we go ahead?

For Birélin woman, her wardrobe is like a puzzle box full of pieces without rules and sharp corners. The playful attitude of the Birélin woman doesn’t belong to yesterday, today or tomorrow. Because she lives in all and re ects them to her heart’s content. The journey of Birélin woman is not only between the countries but also the Times. A roundtrip ticket to this intertemporal trip is the accessories combined with Birélin’s choice of colors, textures and patterns.

In the spring-summer of 2019 the colors, patterns, gures and images of the season are blended with the feelings of Birélin woman. Sometimes layer by layer and sometimes one piece and simple. But always down-to-earth and spectacular.