Macro Feelings on Plain Ground

Rapidly rising daily and casual wear, makes a balanced transition between sport and classic, especially in summer. The colors and patterns inspired by the sea, the beaches and especially the miracle of nature ‘ owers’ in the summer months are both natural and attract attention as a street style. This series, designed for hot summer days includes mostly skirts and dresses while cotton is the star amongst fabrics. Pastel color transitions are replaced by clear and acid colors while neon accessories shine like the sun. The macro oral patterns, which are generally inspired by nature on white and ecru backgrounds are blended partly with lines and geometric shapes. Again, macro-patterned lace fabrics create amazing contrasts by overlapping rainbow colors and patterns. As for lines and pattern endings, u endings such as brush strokes attract attention… White background with acid colors are nished with bindings and borders while comfort is emphasized with wide cuts. The blue and white colors of marine style which is indispensable in summer is the most up-to-date with its neon details and oral designs. 

When Birélin woman nally reaches the summer heat leaving behind all the stages, she gives herself freely to the sea and the nature. She casts aside everything she’s lived and blossoms, gets covered with huge owers. When she’s captured by the sea and surrendered to the blue tones, she’s accompanied by the most vivid neon colors. Birélin woman does not hesitate for a moment to display her strength and courage even in her easiest and most comfortable choices. Hot weather cools o through Birélin woman’s clear attitude.